Above and Beyond

Perched above the city of Victoria is a community created beyond expectations.

Rainbow Hill is a comprehensively planned residential development designed to integrate cutting edge green building principals, with the existing diversity of a challenging, environmentallysensitive site.

The unprecedented success of Rainbow Hill’s initial release of 12 single-familyhomes is now nearing completion. The architectural design intent,now well established, ensuring the esthetic continuity of the development in its entirety.

The next phase will realize 27 stunning high-end units, with configurations ranging from fully detached to clustered town homes in groupings of 2 through 6(interest in these units now being entertained – register on web page for more information). As well, two condominium residences housing 77 total additional units represents the next evolution of this beautiful development. You’ll find this community perched atop one of the highest points in Greater Victoria,boasting a panoramic of stunning views of the city, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the OlympicMountains beyond.

The natural dynamic of the site, paired with the clean modern architectural build form promises an esthetic unparalleled on the island. Rainbow Hill’s distinctive quality and sense of place is founded on attention to detail and an uncompromisingpursuit of excellence. This pursuit carries far beyond the homes themselves, as the native flora of the area are under the strictest protective measures to ensure that a significant Garry Oak meadow and supporting ecosystem, unique to Vancouver Island, will continue to thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come.

-A place as unique as the homes themselves...